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arrowhead  Capital Medical University |     Beijing
arrowhead  Wenzhou-Kean University |     Zhejiang
arrowhead  BBT English |     China
arrowhead  Boya International Education Group |     China
arrowhead  People's Education Press |     Beijing
arrowhead  Quanzhou Julong Foreign Language School |     China
arrowhead  Foreign HR |     Beijing
arrowhead  Cambridge International Exam Centers in Tianjin & Nantong and Jiaxing |     Tianjin
arrowhead  China Foreign Affairs University |     China
arrowhead  Huijia Kindergarten |     Beijing
arrowhead  China University of Mining and Technology |     Jiangsu
arrowhead  EF English First Xi'an |     China
arrowhead  Tim Group |     China
arrowhead  Chinajob |     Beijing
arrowhead  TEFL in China |     Beijing
arrowhead  Wuxi International School |     Jiangsu
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    Teaching Positions  
Position Title (Employer) Language Location
Elementary Teacher   (Springboard International Bilingual School) English Beijing
Mid/High School Teacher  (Springboard International Bilingual School) English Beijing
Primary School Teacher  (suzhou foreign language school) English Su Zhou
Kindergatren Teacher  (Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School) English Su Zhou
ESL Teacher   (Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School) English Su Qian
Kindergarten Teachers  (suzhou foreign language school) English Su Zhou
ESL Kindergarten  (Foreign HR) English Ri Zhao
Homeroom Teachers-Primary  (Foreign HR) English Song Jiang
English Teacher(Primary-High School)  (Foreign HR) English Song Jiang
Homeroom Teachers Kindergarten  (Foreign HR) English Song Jiang
Middle School Subjects Teachers  (Foreign HR) English Song Jiang
IGCSE, A Level, AP Subjects Teachers  (Foreign HR) English Song Jiang
    Professional Positions  
Position Title (Employer) Location Industry
Educational Program Manager  (Foreign HR) Huang Pu
Senior Edu Consultant  (Foreign HR) Huang Pu
Regional Manager/Strategy Consultant  (Foreign HR) Huang Pu
Copywriter(Arabic)  (Foreign HR) Beijing
Senior Educational Consultant  (Foreign HR) Beijing
Director of Marketing  (Foreign HR) Beijing
Game Supervisor-Tokyo, Japan  (Foreign HR)
Head of Boarding and Student Well-Being  (Foreign HR) Shen Zhen
Vice-Principal, Head of Primary  (Foreign HR) Shen Zhen
COO, Bike-Share Compan-Vancouver, Canada  (Foreign HR)
EPS Mechanical Design Lead Engineer  (Foreign HR) Bao Ding
eAD Software Development Lead Engineer  (Foreign HR) Bao Ding
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